Specialist in the art of preparing and serving the best meats.

About Barbacoa

Barbacoa is a Brazilian group that owns a chain of churrascarias with a refined and accurate approach to meat. With us you can enjoy a selection of the best meats, served in an exclusive way. This is the secret of Barbacoa’s success, which has made us one of the most renowned brands in Brazil.

The welcoming atmosphere of our restaurants is aimed at guaranteeing the pleasure of tasty cuts of meat, all prepared to surprise your palate, and served by skilful and highly trained passadores.

Since the inauguration of the first restaurant in São Paulo in 1990, over 11 million people have already tried the quality of food and service of the eleven Barbacoa churrascarias around the world: six in Brazil, nine in Japan and one in Europe, in Milan.

Our Origins

When Columbus and his ships braved the oceans and reached what was then the New World, they were welcomed by the Arawak Indians and their gastronomic tradition, never before tasted by Europeans.

This custom involved roasting various pieces of meat on the barbacoa, a wooden grill placed over an open fire, with everyone gathered around. Hence the term barbecue will derive.

But there is also another meaning which sees this tradition not only as a moment to eat, but also as a moment of sharing, celebration and happiness, as a great social gathering; this second meaning is perfectly linked to the philosophy of the place and represents a custom that has crossed the Atlantic and seduced the world.

Over time, this delicious practice of socialization and conviviality arrived in Brazil, and led to the opening of one of the leading churrascarias in the country and which still carries on this tradition of gathering friends and family together to enjoy excellent meat.